Archimedes: Efficient Query Processing Over Probabilistic Knowledge Bases

Our proposal focuses on a pre-processing. sequences based on inexact k-mer matching. Briefly, the method proceeds by the following steps: (1) two DNA sequences are received as inputs; (2) a word.

In this paper, we focus on two important queries, namely top-k probable NN queries and probabilistic star queries, and propose efficient algorithms to process them over distributed uncertain databases. Extensive experiments on both real and synthetic data have demonstrated that our algorithms significantly reduce communication cost.

With this goal in mind, we analyze the plot-keywords associated with films produced in the United States over the period between and including the years 1890 and 2011, define two novelty scores based.

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Cost Models and Efficient Query Processing over. model for such queries. Based on the same statistical approach, we propose an efficient algorithm for. The single related work on existentially uncertain data [2] focuses on two probabilistic versions of spatial queries.

Co-frequencies were computed by means of a parallelized annotation, hashing, and counting pipeline that was applied over clinical notes from Stanford Hospitals and Clinics. The co-occurrence matrix.

The theory proposes that the brain makes probabilistic inferences about the world based on an internal model. and “predictive processing,” which he defines as prediction-making over time. “There’s.

1 QUERY PROCESSING IN PROBABILISTIC DATA BASES Francesco M. Malvestuto Dept. of Information Sciences (DSI), La Sapienza University of Rome Via Salaria 113, I-00198 Rome, Italy

Xiang Lian and Lei Chen. Probabilistic Inverse Ranking Queries in Uncertain Databases. In Very Large Data Bases Journal (VLDBJ), 20(1), pages 107-127, 2011. Xiang Lian and Lei Chen. Efficient Processing of Probabilistic Reverse Nearest Neighbor Queries over Uncertain Data.

These individual processes are scheduled by a virtual machine over all available. up going with state based CRDT’s. In State based CRDT’s full state updates are sent to all replicas. Upon receiving.

bases/graphs • Efficient Query Processing over Large Probabilistic Knowledge Bases, PI: Daisy Zhe Wang, 2015 –Infer missing knowledge from large-scale knowledge bases • Fusion of Heterogeneous Networks for Synergistic Knowledge Discovery, PI: Philip Yu, 2015 –Effective transfer of relevant knowledge across “partially aligned”

We detected differential cross-linking of Nab3 to over 4100 transcripts (~37% of all features. under the accession code GSE85545 ( The.

Early approaches aimed to capture the knowledge of expert human players (22), but over the past decade. is that of security games, based on a pioneering series of systems developed by Tambe et al.

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Efficient Join Processing Over Incomplete Data Streams. In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM’19), Beijing, China, Nov. 3-7, 2019. Qiyu Liu, Xiang Lian, and Lei Chen. Probabilistic Maximum Range-Sum Queries on Spatial Database.

In this study, we expand the iterative features to include solvent accessible surface area and backbone angles and dihedrals based on Cα atoms. This problem is challenging because it demands an.

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Boneh-Lynn-Shacham uses bilinear pairing for verification and has an edge over. cloud data auditing process that employs a TPA to achieve data integrity and privacy. Initially, data owners convey.

In addition, BEOs outperformed extremely challenging tasks including joint classification, completion, and pose estimation on a large scale dataset of household objects in both accuracy and query.

Table 1: A probabilistic graph data model representation of a sample probabilistic KB. ! Figure 2: Factor graph representation of probabilistic KB in Table 1. 3 Model Representation and Model-Data Join In a probabilistic knowledge base (KB), as the example in Table 1, queries need to be performed over the propositional form of the first-order.

The unique, always-on architecture of DataStax Enterprise is based. data processing platform. Combining the strengths of Apache Cassandra with Apache Spark enables us to automate up to 80 percent.

DSE 5.0 is a comprehensive multi-model database solution capable of understanding data in real-time and includes: DataStax OpsCenter 6.0 is the web-based visual management. 80 percent of our data.

Reference presents a probabilistic knowledge base system, ARCHIMEDESONE, for query answering with inference by scaling up the knowledge expansion and statistical inference algorithms. Reference proposes a probabilistic automata-based framework of query evaluation in.

I Squared Meta Analysis Introduction to Meta-analysis Borenstein, Hedges, Higgins & Rothstein. CAMARADES: Bringing evidence to translational medicine Heterogeneity Chapter 15. • If all studies in an analysis shared the same true effect size, so that. square it, weight this by the inverse-variance for. Apr 14, 2015  · The heterogeneity statistic I 2 can be biased in small meta-analyses. Paul T von Hippel. The point estimate I 2 should be interpreted cautiously when a meta-analysis

Database Support for Probabilistic Attributes and Tuples Sarvjeet Singh: ‘, Chris Mayfield #2, Rahul Shah*3, Sunil Prabhakar#4, Susanne Hambrusch#5, Jennifer Neville #6, Reynold Cheng t7 #DepartmentofComputerScience, Purdue University WestLafayette, Indiana, USA [email protected] [email protected]

This step is intended to eliminate duplicates in the scenario where a duplicate case version (based on these four demographic fields) was not linked by the FDA processing logic to the original case.

efficient query processing methods for various types of queries in WSN become a hot topic in research community [4-6]. Skyline query is one of the most common-used queries for modern database management systems (DBMS) in many applications such as sensor data monitoring and business planning, and it receives extensive concerns from

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As shown above, the KNN query over uncertain data is very important in many real life applications. Even so, only a few work has been reported on this problem. In [5], [6], [7], the NN query over uncertain data is defined as a PNN (Probabilistic Nearest Neighbor) based query, which ranks uncertain objects

Herein we report results of benchmarking studies of 10 DSV detection tools, using WGS DSV simulation sets with certain characteristics based on a validated set of CNVs from 185 of the 1,000 genome.

•Deduction over Probabilistic KB ProbKB •Scalability, Efficient Updates •Uncertain Knowledge Integration CAMeL-DB •Data sources (e.g., datasets, turkers, models) •Beliefs and Distributions •Query-Driven/Smart Filtering Archer •Ad-hoc queries over static dataset •Continuous queries over streaming dataset

Hidden Markov model-based programs have been developed mainly in the field. need to be carefully examined to sort out the orthologous alignment. Hence, a post-processing step is needed that.

Xiang Lian and Lei Chen. Probabilistic Inverse Ranking Queries in Uncertain Databases. In Very Large Data Bases Journal (VLDBJ), 20(1), pages 107-127, 2011. Xiang Lian and Lei Chen. Efficient Processing of Probabilistic Reverse Nearest Neighbor Queries over Uncertain Data.

Indeed, distinct regulation can lead to similar expression behaviour over time. Our results demonstrate that molecule. and compared method performance based on specifically generated semi-empirical.

As a second consideration, it is important to realize that the formation of neoantigens is a probabilistic process in which. of cancer-associated autoimmune disease (49). Based on data obtained.

Yang Chen , Xiaofeng Zhou , Kun Li , Daisy Zhe Wang, Archimedes: Efficient Query Processing over Probabilistic Knowledge Bases, ACM SIGMOD Record, v.46 n.2, June 2017. Scaling Probabilistic Temporal Query Evaluation, Proceedings of the 2017 ACM on Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, November 06-10, 2017, Singapore, Singapore.

Query Processing for Knowledge Bases Using Join Indices Adel Shrufi and Thodoros Topaloglou {shrufi ,thodoros}@cs.toronto, edu Department of Computer Science University of Toronto

We validate the ability of this probabilistic. massively over-produced and then pruned-back over time 3. This strategy is thought to help neural circuits explore possibly topologies and then.

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