Pasteur Filter Tip Pipet

A hydrophobic filter provides PIPETBOY with reliable protection from contamination and damage by aerosols and liquids. The filter is easy to change and available in two sizes (0.45 and 0.2 µm), sterile and unsterile, to fit each lab application.

Disposable polystyrene (PS) Pasteur pipettes offer the aspirating precision of glass, with the safety and benefits of plastic. Ideal for use with aspirating bulbs or vacuum applications to remove liquid waste from flasks, dishes, plates, and tubes.

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This professional Disposable Pasteur Pipette is made of high quality glass with a very thin, slender and long tip. This precision engineered Pasteur Pipette is available in a wide range of sizes to best meet your requirements for research and quality management.

Jul 09, 2019  · Driven by a bright prospect for rapid, portable and cost-effective point-of-care testing, an assembled Pasteur pipette device to integrate nucleic acid extraction, amplification a

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Pasteur pipettes, also known as droppers or eye droppers, The constriction toward the tip of the Pasteur pipettes may be plugged with a bit of tissue paper or cotton wool to filter off solids from small amounts of liquids. The use of celite is optional. The bulb can be attached and squeezed to help viscous solutions filter more rapidly.

Pipet tip design is an art. Most pipet tips from pipettor manufacturers are designed to fit only one pipettor brand. We design our tips to fit a multitude of pipettors, a much tougher challenge. With Labcon tips, a lab can use one supply of tips for virtually all of their pipettors.

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The Rainin QuickFlow vacuum aspiration system is easy to use, compact, and ergonomic by design. Multiple adapters, a continuous flow mode, and autoclavable connectors make this high quality vacuum aspiration system ideal for removing waste liquid from cell culture media.

Finntip® Filtered Pipet Tips are available in racks with a wide volume range of 0.2µL to 10ml. Finntip® filters effectively eliminate carry-over contamination, ensuring the success of the application. Finntip® Filters are certified to be free of DNA, DNase and RNase.

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Pipette Tips. In pipetting, accurate results do not depend on the pipette or the tip alone. Instead, your results depend on the right combination of both and, on the comfort of the user! Our Optifit Tips and SafetySpace™;Filter Tips are designed and manufactured to perfectly match our pipettes, permitting maximum accuracy, precision and.

Feature a constriction one inch below the top to facilitate plugging. Corning™ Disposable Glass Pasteur Pipets are ideal for nonvolumetric transfer work in bacteriology,

Pasteur pipette – a cotton-plugged, glass tube drawn out to a fine tip, used for the sterile transfer of small volumes of fluid. Pasteur vaccine pasteurellosis – infection with bacteria of Pasteurella.

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