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The always informative Ann Gibbons has a piece in Slate, The Neanderthal in My Family Tree. There is almost nothing new for regular readers of this weblog, but it’s rather awesome that Slate is now.

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“This whole area seems to have been populated by very small groups of people making it across these stepping-stone islands, so you do have very dramatic effects in fluctuations of gene frequency.” It.

Ed Yong has a piece in Nature on the problems of confirmation bias and replication in psychology. Yong notes that “It has become common practice, for example, to tweak experimental designs in ways.

As for population vs. molecular, ask each group what they mean by “gene.” Modern developmental geneticists seem to be closely aligned with molecular geneticists.

Then there are the mysterious changes wrought by infection. Finally, even non-linear gene-gene interactions are often included in the “environmental” component. In other words, even if most of the.

In this area the Trends in Genetics review does have one weakness: the authors note that critics of behavior genetics presume that they are attacking a Mendelian genetic architecture (e.g., “the god.

And so many housecats are neutered. Are we breeding cats who succeed on the streets, more so than we’re breeding cats who are successful domesticated pets? BRADSHAW: Well, I think we are accidentally.

I say arguably because one can make the case that cattle or pig and such are of greater utility as domesticated animals. But an argument can nevertheless be had on all sides.

But there are some objective metrics we can look at it. Foremost among them is skin color. The locus SLC24A5 is probably the largest effect gene which impacts normal human variation in skin color. It.

Dienekes Pontikos has just released DIY Dodecad, a DIY admixture analysis program. You can download the files yourself. It runs on both Linux and Windows. Since I.

Mind you, I accept that personality is substantially heritable. But just because something is heritable does not mean that it is obvious that you’ll be able to detect “the gene” implicated in the.

Consider a scientist focused on the biophysical properties of zinc finger proteins and the ZYF gene. Then there are biologists for whom genetics is a more abstract and evolutionary enterprise. David.

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Rather, genes matter, just as culture matters. And yet the most interesting aspect of the post above is the long rumination on the nature of the gene. For fields like population genetics, evolutionary.

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The last result is robust, and suggests the bare hint of “Ancestral South Indian” in the Uygur. I think this is evidence of gene flow over the mountains from Northwest India in historical times.

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This is why it’s ridiculous to wonder if the human brain is a spandrel of some sort. Domesticated animals tend to have smaller brains than their wild ancestors, probably because they’ve offloaded some.

I haven’t watched much of Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s Finding Your Roots series. It seems like Gates has kind of created a mini-empire in genealogical series on PBS. More power to him, but it hit.

Over at IEEE Spectrum Eliza Strickland has a long piece, The Gene Machine and Me, which reports on her experience with exome sequencing (this refers to the ~1 percent of the genome, or 30 billion base.

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