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Sep 9, 2015. A 12-year-old girl in England just scored higher on a Mensa IQ test than notorious high-IQ-havers Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Now.

Jun 1, 2019. Shooting ahead of Einstein and Hawking Mensa IQ score, as Albert Einstein and late prof Stephen Hawking, 11-year-old UK high school.

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Oct 10, 2017. 68.3k. 68.3k. Stephen Hawking: "People who boast about their IQ are losers" ( I know people who still brag about their SAT scores.

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An 11-year-old Iranian girl has shocked the world by surpassing the IQ scores of renowned geniuses, Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

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Sep 3, 2015. Genius girl, 12, outsmarts Einstein and Stephen Hawking with a perfect IQ score. Lydia Sebastian bagged the maximum mark of 162 on.

A grammar-school aged young man scored higher on his IQ test than genius physicist Stephen Hawking, Microsoft founder, Bill Gates and famed scientist Albert.

Oct 23, 2017. Everyone with an IQ score higher than 110 is lucky enough to have an. (IQ score between 160 and 190); Stephen Hawking (IQ score of 160).

Jun 18, 2019. An 11-year-old Iranian girl who is a student at Aylesbury High School beats both Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein's IQ scores by getting.

Aug 19, 2019. Even more incredibly, her IQ score exceeded those of famed theoretical physicists the late Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

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Jul 24, 2018. IQs of Famous People & Celebrities. by IQTest | Jul 24, First Name, Last Name, IQ Score, Source. Stephen, Hawking, 160, link. Stephen.

Aug 6, 2015. Nicole Barr of Essex aced her IQ test with a perfect 162 score, outsmarting such noted geniuses as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Apr 5, 2019. A 12-year-old boy has joined Mensa after achieving 162 on an IQ test, a higher score than Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking. Darren Toh.

Jan 27, 2018. applicant in a decade to achieve the highest score in the Mensa IQ test, beating geniuses like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Jan 11, 2016. An 11-Year-Old Just Earned the Highest IQ Score Possible. puts her two points higher than the likes of Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

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Jan 3, 2017. A 12-year-old gypsy traveller has achieved a perfect IQ score which rivals that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. The daughter of migrant.

Jun 30, 2017. A boy genius achieved a higher score than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking in a prestigious IQ test. Arnav Sharma decided to take the.

May 11, 2017. 12-year-old Girl Scores Higher Than Einstein and Hawking on IQ Test. physicist Albert Einstein and acclaimed cosmologist Stephen Hawking.

Your Color Can't Limit the Genius; This Black Boy Gets Higher Scores On IQ Test Than Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates & Albert Einstein. You might have been.

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