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we don’t need a basket or a checkout process – we just want to get people to the advertiser’s website. Last year however I came across the Viper WordPress Theme, a purpose built affiliate theme.

CMS to WordPress, multi-database and multi-site conversions. All of their migrations are human-powered and include off-site back-ups, whole site and URL integrity scans, DNS assistance, and.

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Typically, it’s the name of the tag, optimized for a URL (in lowercase, without any space or special character). If you leave this field blank, then WordPress will automatically generate the slug from.

WordPress.com bloggers unhappy with new tag feature. And some neat WordPress Plugins, Themes, and more WordPress News. Explaining WordPress Taxonomy Tags. Most of these WordCamps are working hard.

While you’re at it, you can check to see if any of your WordPress plugins need updating and get them current as well. Plugin vulnerabilities can be just as damaging as those in the core WordPress.

WordPress is available in a lot of different languages. In this tab you’ll also find a few more options you’ll want to check, in particular your URL preference. As mentioned above, Polylang goes.

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If you are having a WordPress-related event that isn’t on the calendar, post them below or via email. WordCamp Videos Now on WordCamp 2007 Site: John Pozadzides has been working overtime to get the.

I can’t begin to express how blown my mind was when I got started with Advanced Custom Fields. tag, taxonomies themselves, media, and users. On the Edit page for the content that the field group is.

An API is a programmatic way to interact with an application’s data. For example, Facebook’s API gives developers the ability to get all of the friends associated with a certain user. An API typically.

My Posts Order and WordPress Popular Posts both accomplish that goal. If you want more control over tag cloud navigation, give Taxonomy List Widget a try. But these three widgets will get you.

because WordPress is all about extensibility — there’s post meta. This can be abused, but only if you get careless. Here’s my two-second pseudo-UML diagram. You can find a better one online somewhere.

Custom taxonomies allow. those who don’t want to get their hands dirty and edit CSS. Again, custom background functionality can be included in other themes as well if activated by the theme.

It does a whole lot of other technical wizardry that will probably bore you, so we won’t get. is a WordPress plugin that helps transform your existing web pages into mobile-friendly content without.

For example, if the category we added is “Must Watch” we get the $hyphenatedValue as “Must-Watch”. Next, we use another WordPress hook the wp_insert_term to add our trimmed value, the taxonomy, and an.

Since it was released over a decade ago, WordPress. searches the URL for search terms too. wp_term_relationship links these terms to objects (posts, pages or links). It serves as a map between.

If you’ve been more than knee-deep in WordPress it’s easily missed, so here are a few reminders: The.htaccess file: There is only an index.php file. Everything else is virtual. Permalink Structure:.

Although we may complain that WordPress can get bloated, resource-heavy. WPS Hide login and others can help with this and with changing our login page URL. If you’re under brute force attacks and.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms on the web, powering billions of websites around the world. That means it’s not only a top choice for site owners, it’s also a top target for hackers.

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Therefore, XML-RPC was introduced as a standard protocol for RPC. In this tutorial we’ll look at the different core WordPress functions which can be executed remotely using XML-RPC. This can help us.

That’s when I realized; WordPress is a goldmine for SEO, a) no other platform has all the same capabilities, and b) you don’t have to code to get started. But getting into the SEO groove and seeing.

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